Alumina Ceramic Lined Ash Handling Systems

– alumina ceramic plain tile
– ceramic weldable tile liner
– ceramic curved pipe tile liner
– ceramic arc pipe tile linings
– Ceramic tile with inter-locking
– alumina brick linings
– ceramic square /rectangle /hexagonal tile

Products characters

  • Long lifetime and maintenance free operation
  • NO operation interruption or production losses
  • NO contamination of the conveyed materials due to abrasion, mixture or oxidation
  • Physiologically harmless, suitable for food products
  • Smooth surface to achieve good flow-ability and to avoid plugs
  • No spilled material to clean up


  1. Outstanding wear resistance and impact resistance, approx 10 times stronger than common pipes under same conditions.
  2. Big size ceramic tubes with complicated shape molding in one have extremely ensity
  3. Little gap, good integrality, smooth surface ensure the free flow of material without blocking.
  4. Easy installation
  5. Long service life and low maintenance cost: super wear-resistance reduce the maintenance flequency and the cost.

Alumina Ceramic – Abrasion Resistant Linings

Alumina is a cost effective and widely used material in the family of engineered ceramics. Alumina ceramics have been developed and optimized for maximum wear resistance and corrosion resistance. A high density, diamond like hardness, fine grain structured and superior mechanical strength are the unique properties that make it the material of choice for a wide range of demanding applications.

Alumina Ceramic has uses similar to cast basalt but it has greater resistance to wear in high velocity applications and impact resistance in extreme dynamic systems.

Sunny Steel provides its customers with the full range of abrasion resistant lined pipe work including straight pipe, bends and elbows, reducers, tees and y-pieces. Sunny Steel offers a comprehensive range of lining materials designed to combat erosion.

Basalt and alumina ceramic are the two generally accepted lining materials. Other linings which complement the basalt and ceramic include Eucor, AZS, silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide, and ceramic filled epoxy coatings.

Main properties of ceramic tile lined pipe

Ceramic tile lined pipe wear good: wear-resistant ceramic pipe lining ceramic layer for wear-resistant engineering ceramics, its hardness (HRA) ≥84, its wear resistance is high chromium wear-resistant cast iron alloy pipe fittings more than 10 times times. The use of 5mm thick ceramic layer, its actual wear-resistant life will be equivalent to 50mm thick wear-resistant cast steel.

Ceramic patch Composite pipe corrosion resistance: the use of different wear-resistant ceramic materials, for different corrosive medium has excellent anti-corrosion properties, acid, alkali, salt and other strong corrosive medium and brine corrosion characteristics.

Ceramic tile lined pipe high temperature performance: wear-resistant ceramic itself with 1200 degrees Celsius above the high-temperature capacity, through reasonable design and use of different composite methods, wear-resistant ceramic pipe fittings can be in-50 ℃ to 800 ℃ humidity range of long-term operation, especially for high-temperature burners and other equipment lining.

Ceramic tile lined pipe to reduce project cost: wear-resistant ceramic pipe is mainly used for conveying particles of liquid-solid two-phase flow and corrosive media, for the replacement of expensive stainless steel tubes, high chromium cast steel pipe, carbide wear-resistant pipe, can directly reduce the project cost, while prolonging the service life. Products cost-effective, can save maintenance, replacement material costs and time.

Ceramic Patch Composite pipe is our company to draw on the domestic and foreign advanced technology of similar products developed on the basis of a shell for steel, wear-resistant ceramic tube of new composite pipe products, with high wear resistance, long service life and so on.


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