Bimetal wearing resistance pipe

Bimetal wearing resistance pipe are cast with mold vanishing vacuum suction casting cladding process. Outer of straight pipe is common steel pipe, cladding realized by forming high chromium lining via centrifugal forming technique.

Steel-high chromium bimetal wear-resisting compound pipe
Steel-high chromium bimetal wear-resisting compound pipe

The Bimetal wearing resistance pipe exterior wall uses the ordinary seamless steel tube, through the centrifugal forming process forms the high chromium cast steel lining compound. The outer wall of the elbow is heated and the inner layer is made of high chromium cast steel, which has the wear-resisting property of high alloy cast steel, and can withstand pressure and has higher mechanical properties.

Advantages Compared with Traditional Wear Resistant
Alloy Cast Iron, Alloy Cast Steel, General Clad Steel Pipe and Cast Stone Pipe:
1. Good wear-resistance, giving full play to wear-resistance of high chromium cast iron.
2. Withstanding high pressure:
Bimetal cladding pipe and bend can be used for any pressure rating. Close bonding of outer and lining by adopting special process make cladding interlayer molten-joint to ensure reliable operation.
3. Good mechanical impact and thermal impact resistance property.
4. Convenient in connection for installation:
Bimetal cladding pipe and bend can be cut and welded as you like.
Layer construction:


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