ceramic lining pipe

The wear resistant ceramic lining steel pipe has a characteristic in its new shape of a ceramic tip for which we have applied for a patent. A conventional ceramic tip was arranged with a certain gap between tips in a steel pipe so that the pipe was damaged at the gap before the tip was worn out.The newly developed ceramic tip has a shape with no straight line portion parallel to the transport direction so that the steel pipe is protected until the tip is worn out.

ceramic pipe have some advantages:
1.ten times more than life to the pipe. Guaranteed protection against abrasion.
2.The direction of alignment of ceramics in zig zag,have excellent resistance tc friction of abrasive agents such as sand, gravel, gravel, tailings with solid particles, scale,coal,pulp, tailings from phosphate,salt slag, sludge,ash,..

With our new production method, it has become possible to nstall our unique shaped ceramic tip in a long and unreachable steel pipe. The abrasion resistance of the TMP ceramic pipe is approximately three times than that of the conventional products. Also, a specially processed flange is used in the steel pipe to optimize the characteristics of the ceramic tip.

The zig zag ceramic alumina pressure has superior performance against abrasion, wich has five times more resistant than the conventional ceramic. If the objective is protection of components and reduced maintenance costs, the correct application of anti-abrasive lining led immediately to track the economy.

The ceramic pipe lining of hydraulic and pneumatic conveying transport has efficiency and economy, especially in steel tubes. Where they have great advantages, increasing the time of life.


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