Ceramic rings lined pipe for chemical or fine powder convey system

We can provide different ceramic solutions for the pipe convey system. Ceramic rings lined pipe is one kind of our solution. Ceramic rings are smooth and wear resistant. It is widely used in chemical, fine powder convey pipes for wear resistant, as well as chemical resistant.

Normally, the ceramic rings by slip casting or hot injection. But we make the rings by Isostatic Pressing, which make the ceramic rings are much better. Now, our ceramic rings lined pipe are used in organic silicon factory, chemical factory, sand pipe, coal powder convey system and so on.
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We can make the ceramic rings from DN50mm to DN300mm.
<strong>Ceramic material as following:</strong>
<li>Rockwell hardness≥85Mpa</li>
<li>Fracture toughness ≥4.8Mpa.m1/2</li>
<li>Bend strength≥290Mpa</li>
<li>Thermal conductivity≥20W/m.K</li>
<li>Thermal expansion: 7.2×10-6m/m.K</li>
For different production environments, our company has developed a wear-resistant pipe for a variety of media, based on the temperature, wear and corrosion requirements of the field media, and for the initial application of the scene, our company to provide wear-resistant ceramic ring for the Lined composite straight pipe design to meet the on-site wear resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance requirements, in view of this program for the new design (formerly ceramic chip technology, there are many gaps, easy to wear).

For the convenience of customers, are to provide a more specific process is as follows:
1. Removing rust and decontamination process of outer-layer steel pipe;
2. Must be in strict accordance with the prescribed ratio, the binder a\b accurate measurement, with how many, must be stirred evenly, full stir-mixing must not be less than 4 times, such as adding a mixture of the embedded feed should be mixed with the binder and then add the mixture to stir up not less than 3 times;
3. The binder is applied evenly on the inner wall of the steel tube to ensure the thickness is not less than 0.5mm thickness. Then apply the binder on the outer surface of the ceramic ring to ensure the thickness between the 0.5mm-1mm. Also in the ceramic ring side (with the ceramic ring contact with the corresponding surface) Daub 0.5mm Adhesive, to ensure that after the installation of the ring and the seal between the ring;
4. After the installation of the ceramic ring in place, it is necessary to repair the gap between the assembled ceramic rings and mend the joints to ensure the sealing between the ring and the ring;
5. According to the NPT standard, we process the two pipe ends of male and female thread processing. The end of the pipe processing, and processing 1×45° groove, to prevent on-site installation in the process of cutting the hands of construction workers, do a good job of safety protection measures, thread processing, need to brush oil to protect the thread;
6. After installing the ceramic ring, check the internal surface of the ceramic ring of the formation, finishing in place, cannot move the position of the pipe, because the binder is not dry, vibration is easily caused by the displacement of ceramic rings, affect the use of the effect of cold weather in winter, binder drying time is longer, need to ensure more than 48 hours.


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