Ceramic tube

Various types of ceramic tubes available differing on ingredients, shapes and size to solve the wear problems, high temperature resistant or chemical resistant in specific applications, even customized solution is possible.

A ceramic tube is most commonly used in industrial high temperature applications, and electrical and thermal insulations. Our ceramic tubes include alumina, silicon carbide, and quartz choices that have excellent thermal anti-shock, anti-corrosion, and extreme high temperature resistance properties. The uniform dimensional stability of ceramic tubing offers optimal insulation while providing best protection.

Alumina Tubes
alumina ceramic tubes have a purity rate of 99.5 to 99.8 percent. The alumina used in our alumina ceramic tubes is the ideal material having properties of low thermal expansion while providing superior thermal conductivity, and afford our alumina ceramic tubes to withstand high levels of compression making them thermal shock resistant. Our alumina ceramic tube models are highly dielectric and gas tight, providing a better vacuum and protective environment when being used at extremely high temperatures. Some of the highlights of our alumina ceramic tubing include excellent resistance to wear and abrasion, extreme high temperature stability of up to 1800°C, and anti-corrosive.


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