Process and advantages of wear-resistant ceramic sheet used to repair the pipe

The process of ceramic chip repair includes surface cleaning, body repair, polishing operations, ceramic bonding, welding, thickness testing and self-inspection.

Special Corundum ceramics made of rare metal oxides as solvents and sintered at high temperature by 1730 ℃ through bonding, welding, mosaic, riveting and socket technology, a variety of wear-resistant ceramic pieces, block brick materials in the pipe wear surface, so as to form a surface with excellent wear resistance, and the matrix is still using the composite pipe of ordinary metal.

According to different needs of the choice of wear-resistant ceramic patches, to meet the special needs of users of technical conditions. Compared with the traditional all-metal high alloy pipe fittings, the working face has higher abrasion resistance, which can make the whole wear-resistant and anticorrosion service life of the pipe increase several times to dozens of times times. Overall weight of the first mate down, reduce the amount of steel, reduce the cost of equipment and maintenance costs, improve economic efficiency.

Ceramic tile repair pipeline process​

Surface cleaning → body repair → polishing operation → ceramic bonding → welding → thickness detection → self-inspection

  1. Preparation work: procurement of materials, commissioning of equipment, arrangement of construction personnel, connection of power supply, air source and other preparatory work.​
  2. Surface cleaning: effectively remove dirt, floating rust and other sundries.​
  3. Polishing operation: adopt Angle grinder to treat the used pipe wall, requiring no floating rust or loosening on the pipe surface.Construction is strictly prohibited in the leopard environment where humidity is more than 85% to ensure the project quality meets the excellent standard.
  4. Isolation measures: after removing sundries, put them in a static and dry environment to prevent dust pollution.
  5. Paste ceramic slice: mix the components of party a and party b proportionally, paste the ceramic after the mixture is evenly mixed, paste and polish the ceramic slice evenly, without any weak adhesion and protruding phenomenon, the wear-resistant ceramic layer shall have a smooth surface, and the gap between the slice and the slice shall be less than 0.4mm.Ceramic joint smooth.
  6. Welding: put the hardware adhesive into the hole of the ceramic liner, weld the whole circle with the welding machine, and then paste the ceramic cap on the surface of the hardware.
  7. Self-inspection: after the ceramic patch is pasted, self-quality inspection shall be conducted, and the unqualified parts shall be reprocessed and then self-inspection shall be conducted.

Main properties of ceramic tile lined pipe

Ceramic tile lined pipe wear good: wear-resistant ceramic pipe lining ceramic layer for wear-resistant engineering ceramics, its hardness (HRA) ≥84, its wear resistance is high chromium wear-resistant cast iron alloy pipe fittings more than 10 times times. The use of 5mm thick ceramic layer, its actual wear-resistant life will be equivalent to 50mm thick wear-resistant cast steel.

Ceramic patch Composite pipe corrosion resistance: the use of different wear-resistant ceramic materials, for different corrosive medium has excellent anti-corrosion properties, acid, alkali, salt and other strong corrosive medium and brine corrosion characteristics.

Ceramic tile lined pipe high temperature performance: wear-resistant ceramic itself with 1200 degrees Celsius above the high-temperature capacity, through reasonable design and use of different composite methods, wear-resistant ceramic pipe fittings can be in-50 ℃ to 800 ℃ humidity range of long-term operation, especially for high-temperature burners and other equipment lining.

Ceramic tile lined pipe to reduce project cost: wear-resistant ceramic pipe is mainly used for conveying particles of liquid-solid two-phase flow and corrosive media, for the replacement of expensive stainless steel tubes, high chromium cast steel pipe, carbide wear-resistant pipe, can directly reduce the project cost, while prolonging the service life. Products cost-effective, can save maintenance, replacement material costs and time.

Ceramic Patch Composite pipe is our company to draw on the domestic and foreign advanced technology of similar products developed on the basis of a shell for steel, wear-resistant ceramic tube of new composite pipe products, with high wear resistance, long service life and so on.

The technical advantage of wear – resistant ceramic plate​

Its rockwell hardness is above HRA86, the hardness is second only to diamond, far more than the wear resistance of wear-resisting steel and bimetal composite plate.Jingcheng ceramics adopts a unique formula of 95% AL203 with a variety of wear-resistant materials, 100 tons of dry pressure molding, with high density, high toughness, wear resistance and other characteristics.

  • Wear resistance is very good, through the central south university of technology powder gold research institute measurement, its wear resistance is equivalent to manganese steel 266 times, high chromium cast iron 171.5 times.Under the same working condition, the service life of the equipment can be extended at least ten times.
  • Light weight, with a density of 3.6-4.15g/cm3, which is only half of that of steel, can greatly reduce equipment load.
  • Impact resistant, wear resistant ceramic introduced in the formulation and A1203 Cr203 too close to the crystal lattice and Ti02, added Zn0 whisker at the same time, in the process of sintering and A1203 form solid body, refine the grain, and improve the fracture toughness of sintering, the effect of fine city ground resistance ceramic products for fracture toughness KIC acuity 4.8 Mpa/m.
  • Firm bonding, good heat resistance “grinding ceramic plate rice high strength ceramic structure adhesive adhesive, at 350℃ for long-term operation without aging, can ensure that the ceramics in the long-term operation at high temperature will not fall off.

High Abrasion Resistant Alumina Ceramic Steel Pipe
High Abrasion Resistant Alumina Ceramic Steel Pipe


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