Wear resistant ceramic lined pipe fitting

Wear resistant ceramic lined pipe fitting are designed to outlast linings such as glass, rubber, basalt, hard-facings, and coatings that are commonly used to extend the life of piping systems.  All pipe and fittings feature extremely wear resistant ceramics that are also exceptionally corrosion-resistant.

Main features of ceramic lined pipes or pipe fittings
  • Good wear resistance
    Ceramic composite pipe because of the inner lining layer is corundum ceramic (a-AL2O3), the equivalent of up to 9 Mohs hardness above HRC90. Therefore, the grinding media in the metallurgy, electric power, mining, coal and other industries have high wear resistance. The industrial operation proves that its wear resistance is ten times or even several times.
  • Running resistance is small
    Ceramic composite pipe because the surface is smooth, and never rust, not like seamless steel pipe inner surface is convex spiral line. The internal surface roughness and water resistance characteristics of the test unit are tested, and the inner surface smoothness is superior to that of any metal pipe, and the clearance coefficient is 0.0193, which is lower than that of seamless pipe. Therefore, the pipe has the characteristics of small operation resistance, and can reduce the operating cost.
  • Corrosion resistance, anti scaling
    Because the steel ceramic layer is (a-AL2O3), is a neutral trait. Therefore, it has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and anti fouling.
  • Heat resistance
    Because of the corundum ceramics (a-AL2O3), as a single stable crystal structure. Therefore, the composite pipe can be normal operation in the temperature range of -50–700. Material linear expansion coefficient 10-6/0C * 6-8, about 1/2 of the steel tube. Material has good thermal stability.
  • Low cost
    Ceramic composite tube light weight, the price is suitable. Than with the same inner diameter of cast stone pipe with light weight 50%; than wear-resistant alloy pipe with light weight 20-30%, and wear resistance, corrosion resistance good, because of the use of long life, to support and hanger fees, handling fees, installation fees and lower operating costs. By the design institute and construction unit project budget and project comparison, the engineering cost and cast stone, and wear-resistant alloy pipe compared to the. Project cost decreased about 20%.
  • Convenient installation and construction
    Due to the light weight of the pipe, the welding performance is good. Therefore, it can be welding, flange connection, fast connection, etc., construction and installation is convenient, and can reduce the installation cost.


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