Wear resistant high alumina ceramic lined elbow

SunnySteel provides elbows that conform to ASME B16.5 as standard, or can fabricate virtually any custom bend with angles ranging from a few degrees up to 180° or greater, and with center-line radii up to 60” or greater.

Highly erosion and wear resistant alumina and silicon carbide ceramic lined pipe, spools, elbows Ceramic-Lined Pipe and Fittings.

Technical Ceramics
Ceramic lined elbows are available with high-purity alumina, nitride-bonded silicon carbide, or sintered silicon carbide ceramics. These ceramics are extremely corrosion and wear resistant materials, and their preference is based upon the severity of the process.

In addition, if the standard elbow fails within 9 months or less, it is strongly recommended to install the sintered silicon carbide elbow.

The molten alumina produced from the reaction Fe2O3+2Al=2Fe+Al2O3 spreads on the inside wall of the steel pipe under the influence of a centrifugal force, then solidifies, so the ceramic layer has high density and smooth surface and bonds to the elbow.


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