Why do you choose a ceramic wear liner for the mining industry?

Ceramic wear liner & tile are frequently used in applications like chutes, hoppers, pipes, conveyor belts, and production systems where there are moving object sliding across surfaces,these products have been proven to drastically reduce wear in conveying, processing, and storage equipment.

The rubber ceramic wear liner is with a high wear resistant ceramics vulcanized within resilient rubber, The ceramics provide excellent resistance to wear, while the elasticity of rubber effetely dampens impact forces, This combination well solved the problem of the wear and impact areas,to mitigate the severest wear issues in the extraction and processing chain. and its high quality alumina beads provide excellent wear resistance. Almost as hard as diamond, the ceramic reinforced particles are extremely useful at extending wear-life.

Many advantages include:Protects moving parts that are subject to high wear environments,Can be used where tight tolerances or thin linings are required,Lightweight wear reduction solution , Highly corrosion resistant,Can be used with multiple attachment methods like welding and adhesives,Significantly outlasts & outperforms wear reduction solutions,Custom designed for specific applications,Ultra-high maximum use temperature of up to 1000°C,Can be used to resurface existing wear prone areas.

Weldable ceramic liner is using the advanced stud welding method together with the special high temperature resistant inorganic adhesive to install the ceramic tiles onto the steel equipment. Finishing with the ceramic caps covered in the surface of the ceramic holes.


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