Ceramic lined pipe

Ceramic-lined composite steel pipe due to give full play to the high strength, good toughness , impact resistance, good weldability and corundum high hardness, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low steel to overcome the hardness, wear resistance and poor ceramic poor toughness characteristics. Thus , the composite pipe has good wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and resistance to mechanical shock and thermal shock, weldability and good overall performance. Wear and corrosion pipeline ideal particulate materials , grinding, and other corrosive media.
As the tube with wear, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, it can be widely used in electric power, metallurgy, mining, coal, chemical and other industries as transport sand, stone, coal, ash, molten aluminum and other materials grinding particles and corrosive media , is an ideal abrasion resistant pipes.
First, metallurgy, electric power industry in the application
Metallurgy, electric power industry, transport coal, ash , mud , lime gypsum slurry , etc. annually consumes a lot of metal pipes . Ceramic composite pipes to replace other channels , with high wear resistance , long life, easy installation, with significant economic benefits of features. Run Power Plant in Shandong Liaocheng , Liaocheng Chinese power plants, Beijing Beijing New Building Materials Group, Henan Hebi power plants, Gansu Pingliang Power Plant , Taiyuan Coal Preparation Plant , Hunan Shimen Power Plant, Hebei Jinniu Energy Limited Gequan CPP , Xingtai Coal Preparation Plant other industrial operation, the operating life of a pipe or even several times more than ten times.
Second, the mines, the coal industry in the application
( 1 ) Mining : Mine filling, transporting ore concentrate and tailings serious wear and tear on the pipe , pipeline ore used in the past, such as Panzhihua , Daye ore and other life less than a year , to improve the life of the tube can 5 times.
( 2 ) Coal: Coal and coal commonly used by long-distance pipelines transporting wet , requiring both abrasion and corrosion resistant pipes , using the tube as longevity pipes , substantial economic benefits.
Third, other
( 1 ) The tube does not stick linking pollution and molten aluminum . Manufacture of iron contamination sensitive to the needs and the use of heavy labor to sort and repair equipment molten aluminum , aluminum hydraulic pipes, lift pipe is the ideal material.
( 2 ) Due to the good wear resistance and heat pipe corrosion . For conveying solid particles containing corrosive materials and high-temperature corrosive gases , sulfur geothermal water and other corrosive media.
SHS- self- propagating Features
1 , good wear resistance
Since the lining layer ceramic composite pipe corundum ceramics (a-AL2O3), Mohs hardness up to HRC90 equivalent of more than 9.0 . So for metallurgy, electric power , mining, coal transportation and other industries grinding media have high wear resistance. Confirmed by the industrial operation : it is ten times the wear life of hardened steel or even several times .
2 , running resistance
SHS ceramic composite pipe due to the smooth inner surface , and never rust, nor as seamless steel pipe inner surface of the convex spiral exists. After internal surface roughness of the test unit and water resistance characteristics of the test , the inner surface smoothness better than any metal pipes, clearing a drag coefficient of 0.0193 , slightly lower than seamless . Therefore, the tube has a running resistance and other characteristics , can reduce operating costs.
3 , corrosion-resistant , anti- fouling
Since the steel ceramic layer (a-AL2O3), a neutral character. So with acid and seawater corrosion resistant , and also has anti-scaling and other characteristics.
4 , heat resistance and good thermal performance punch Fou
Since the alumina ceramics (a-AL2O3), single crystal structure stability . Therefore composite pipe in -50 – the long-term normal operating temperature range of 700 Centigrade . Linear expansion coefficient of 6-8 × 10-6/0C, about the pipe about 1/2 . A material having good thermal stability.
5 , low construction cost
Light weight ceramic composite pipe , affordable . Lighter than cast stone pipes with diameter 50% by weight ; 20-30 % lighter weight than the wear-resistant alloy tube , and the wear and corrosion resistance, long life because so hanger fees , handling fees, installation fees and reduce operating costs . By the relevant institute and construction and engineering unit project budget comparison , the tube and cast stone project cost considerably , compared with the wear-resistant alloy tube , down about 20% of the project cost .
6, easy installation and construction
As the light weight of the tube , and good welding performance. Thus can be welded , flanged , fast connection , etc., to facilitate construction and installation , and can reduce installation costs.
Four other knowledge
Ceramic pipe with conventional steel , wear-resistant alloy steel pipe, cast stone and plastic pipe , steel pipe and other rubber has the essential difference. Ceramic pipe is steel outer and inner corundum . Corundum layer Vickers hardness up to 100-1500 ( Rockwell hardness of 90-98 ) , the equivalent of tungsten-cobalt hard gold . High wear resistance than carbon steel pipe more than 20 times , it is much more superior than the usual bonding together corundum wheel performance. Now is still a variety of corundum grinding wheel grinder cut hardened steel main wheel. Ceramic pipe corundum corundum wheel wear layer can be put away . Wear resistant ceramic pipe corundum layer may be formed mainly by a few millimeters thick , a Mohs hardness of 9 , second only to diamond and silicon carbide , all oxides, which is the highest hardness .
Lined steel pipe is the use of ceramic wear SHS – centrifugal method of manufacturing the ceramic pipe corundum melting point 2045 Centigrade, corundum layer and the steel layer structure due to process special reasons , the stress field is also special . Ceramic layer at room temperature compressive stress , steel layer subjected to tensile stress , the two opposites , into a balanced whole. Only the temperature rises above 400 Centigrade, since the thermal expansion coefficient between the two , the new stress field generated by the thermal expansion of the ceramic pipe and the stress field in the presence of the original offset each other , so that both the ceramic layer and the steel layer is free equilibrium. When the temperature rises to 900 Centigrade ceramic wear the liner pipe into the water Ling , repeated immersion times, the composite layer does not crack or crack , showing the common ceramic unparalleled thermal shock resistance . This performance would be useful in engineering construction , because of its outer layer of steel , coupled with the inner temperature is not cracked in the construction of the flanges, the purge port , explosion doors can be welded directly to the welding method can also be used connection , than wear and cast stone pipe, wear resistant steel pipe , rare earth abrasion steel, bi-metal composite pipe , steel pipe , steel rubber pipe in construction can not easily welded or soldered better. Lined with ceramic wear resistant steel mechanical shock performance is good , while among the transportation, installation and beat two weight bracket bent , not broken off the composite layer .
Currently, dozens of thermal power plants proved that : ceramic wear steel -lined high wear resistance , anti- erosion ability of the fluid . In a wind pipe , pipe wear fastest , wear- elbow abrasion wear resistance than the thick-walled steel elbow increased more than five times .
In practice, wear-resistant using 1-2 years after opening observe and measure , the composite layer no significant wear or fall off, the unit of the same size and length of the pipe , the pipe lined with ceramic wear -resistant and weighs only steel tube mill or bimetallic composite pipe about 1 / 2 , its construction cost per meter 30-40 % lower , and only rare wearable steel tubes and cast stone weight of 2 /5, per meter lower than 20% of project cost . Lined with ceramic wear steel in corrosive or high temperatures used , the price is only stainless steel pipe , a fraction of the nickel-titanium tubes.
Fluid pipeline is not only used in the power industry, but throughout the metallurgy , coal, petroleum, chemicals, building materials, machinery and other industries. When transporting large grinding pipe materials (such as ash , coal , ore concentrates , tailings cement, etc. ) , there is the problem of a pipe wear quickly , especially fast elbow abrasion ; When the pipeline has strong corrosive gases, liquids or solids , are present so as to be quickly corroded pipeline damage problem ; when the pipeline transporting material having a high temperature , there is a very expensive heat-resistant steel pipe and so on. Ceramic wear lined steel pipe market, these problems are solved.