Alumina Ceramic Lining Pipes

Recently, excellent abrasion resistance is required for the pipes used in the slurry transporting systems, for example, which transport the coal ash in pulverized coal firing boilers. We have developed abrasion resistant pipe for transportation of scurries and ash named steel pipes which provide significantly longer life.
The Manufacturing Process of and Elbow:
SHS (Self-propagating High-temperature Synthetic process) ceramic lined steel pipe and elbow create a new generation of abrasion and corrosion resistant engineering pipeline.The is composed of three layers: ceramic, intermediate, and steel layers. The ceramic layer is formed by molten at a temperature above 2500 degree. The molten produced from the reaction Fe2O3+2Al=2Fe+Al2O3 spreads on the inside wall of the steel pipe under the influence of a centrifugal force, then solidifies, so the ceramic layer has high density and smooth surface and bonds to the steel pipe.
Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Lined Pipes have been uniformly produced by a thermite reaction induced under the influence of a centrifugal force (‘Centrifugal Thermite Process’) without any high-temperature furnace facilities. The characteristic feature of the present process for forming uniform ceramic layers is in its reaction propagation as well as the reaction heat and centrifugal force. It is very important in improving the quality of the ceramic lined pipes to find the proper conditions of the reactant and centrifugal force; the former mainly determines the produced ceramic layer quality and the latter the achievement of layer separation and the mechanical properties of the pipes. Ceramic lined tube has great resistance against corrosion, abrasion and thermal shock.
Features and Advantages:
1). High Abrasion Resistant:
Vickers hardness of the corundum lining is HV1100 to1500, as high as that of tungsten-cobalt hard alloys, and the abrasion resistance is 20 times as carbon steel pipes. The composite ceramic lined steel elbow was used in a mining plant for about fifty thousands hours. The general service life of common steel elbow is about 700 hours.
2). Corrosion Resistant:
Corundum is a neutral material, and is acid-proof and fouling -free.
3). Heat Resistant:
Ceramic lined composite steel pipe can work under circumstances of -50 to 800 Celsius degree .
4). Lower Weight and Convenient Installation:
The ceramic lined steel pipes are lighter than alloy pipes, cast iron pipes, and cast stone pipes and can be welded or connected through flanges, which reduces the expense of transportation and makes the pipes easier to install. For the pipes with the same sizes, types and length, the weight of ceramic pipe is about 1/2 of the wearable cast alloy steel pipe’s, while the cost has reduced 10%~20% per meter. The weight of ceramic lined steel pipe is about 1/3 of the cast stone bent pipe’s, 1/2 of the cast stone straight pipe’s.
5). Lower Cost :
Ceramic lined pipes can take place of expensive stainless steel, titanium, nickel, cast stone or alloy pipes. Extended service life can also reduce maintenance cost.
Alumina ceramic abrasive lined pipe, Alumina Ceramic Linings
Alumina Ceramic Linings : For high abrasion materials
Wear resistant Ash Slurry Ceramic Pipe/Elbow Linings
Coal, Ash & Mineral Pneumatic Pipeline
Alumina Ceramic Lined Ash / Coal Pipe/Elbow/Bends
Ash Ore & Mineral discharge pipe/Bends /Elbow
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