Ceramic Pipe Tube Liner

Abrasion resistant ceramics have advantage like: abrasion resistant, high hardness, high temperature resistant, anti-corrosion,wear protection

Abrasion resistant pipe tube lining(also called or ceramic cylinder rings) mainly include ceramic elbow , straight pipe liner, tees, reducer pipes, etc, and pipe liners are used for ceramic lined pipework and fittings of pneumatic conveying and slurry pumping. The conveying medium is featured by high hardness, fast and big flow, ceramic pipe liner can effectively reduce the speed of wearing through by continuous impact, abrasion and corrosion to pipe wall when long-term conveying medium.

Ceramic elbow pipe lining application :

Industry Equipment
Coal fired power plants Fly ash pipework Pulverized coal pipework
Dust collection pipework Separators
Cement plants Pneumatic conveying pipework Slurry pipework
Steel plants Slurry pipework Pneumatic conveying pipework
Dust removal pipe at the end of machine
Chemical industry Dust removal pipe and elbow

Ceramic  pipe lining normal sizes: (unit: mm)

Product ID OD Thickness Length R Degree
Straight Tube 76 106 15 150-250 / /
Straight Tube 100 140 20 305 / /
Straight Tube 150 185 17.5 150-250 / /
Straight Tube 152 182 15 150-250 / /
Straight Tube 200 240 20 305 / /
Bend 76 106 15 / 400 7.5
Bend 101 131 15 / 500 5
Bend 150 185 17.5 / 1500 3
Bend 151 181 15 / 750 7.5
 Ceramic pipe sizes range : 10~500 mm
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