Chemical industry wear resistant alumina ceramic lined pipe

Available as a turnkey unit with steel pipe & flanges, wear resistant lined steel pipes are engineered for unparalleled life.
1.      High Wear
The metallurgical pipeline is the composite of the  ceramic, silicon carbide ceramic and metallurgical steel, among which the Morse hardness of  ceramic and silicon carbide ceramic is nine and only next to the diamond. The wear resistance and hardness of the product are the best proportion, which can’t be comparable by other materials.

2.      High mechanical properties & erosion resistance
As the product is the composite of metallurgical steel and ceramic, it has the advantages of stiffness, high plastics and erosion of steel material, which shows an incomparable excellent mechanical property.

3.      Corrosion resistance
The metallurgical ceramic composite pipeline is using the stable oxides (over 90%) as the raw material, which will not react with any chemical substances such as acid, alkali and salt. The tolerance of acidity of the pipe is over 96%, which is the same as the corundum ceramic and can be used under the light, heat and sunshine environment at will. The ceramic layer of the pipe is chemical corrosion resistant as it was tested that the corrosion resistance of the metallurgical ceramic composite pipeline is tens of times more than that of the stainless steel.

4.      Great temperature resistance
The metallurgical ceramic composite pipeline liner can work under the temperature of -50°C~1450°C for a long time.

Hard faced
Hard faced

Application area:

  • Cement Industry: Cement powder-choosing transmission pipeline, feed hopper, chute, feed bin and so on.
  • Electricity Industry: Coal power plant coal transmission pipeline, fly ash exhaust system, chemical water circulation system, desulfurizing system and all the corrosive areas in the nuclear electrical power plant.
  • Coal Mine Industry: Coal powder, coal water slurry transmission, the air supply system, air exhaust system and drainage system of the mine.
  • Chemical Industry: High corrosive medium transmission, such as strong acid and strong alkali. Salt chemistry brine, salt slurry, raw salt transmission.
  • Petroleum Exploitation Industry: Raw oil transmission, natural gas collection transmission system, waste water recirculation system and so on.
  • Metal production Industry: Transmission of coke powder, mine powder, pulp, smelting waste and so on.
  • Mining Industry: Pulp transmission pipeline, the air supply system, air exhaust system and drainage system of the mine.
  • Dredging Project: The sediment transmission system of the dredging system in river, lake, port, wharf and so on.
  • Waste Water Treatment: All kinds of waste water and water transmission pipelines

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