High alumina ceramic lined pipe for coal and mining processing

High for coal and mining processing lend excellent resistance towards Wear resistance. The tightly packed ceramic material prevent the pipe and bends from getting wear. We provide amazing solution and that too at market leading rates. Leakage caused due to the abrasion can be avoided and enhance the life.

Our organization is the manufacturer high quality Fly ash Handling pipes,coal pipes, Bend & Pipe, elbows, reducer pipes straight pipes etc. These pipe are designed and lined with high quality material like alumina rings, alumina tiles etc .

alumina ceramic lined coal pipe lines
alumina ceramic lined coal pipe lines

We can produce Ceramic lined pipes as per customer’s requirement and application.


1. The coal fired thermal power plant
2. Steel Industry
3. Mechanical industry
4. Chemical Industry
5. Mine, coal industry
6. Cement industry
7. Smelting industry

Product Advantages

1. Superior wear resistance
2. Chemical and impact resistance
3. Erosion resistance
4. Smooth inner wall
5. Easy installation
6. Saved maintenance time and expenditures
7. Longer service lifetime
8. Competitive and reasonable price

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