Rare earth alloy wear-resistant high chromium cast iron pipes

Rare earth alloy wear-resistant high chromium cast iron is a high-strength low-alloy rare earth heat, wear and fittings suitable for power plant coal boiler systems, powder feeding, ash slagging .
RE wear resistant alloy pipes well, give full play to the high chromium cast iron (KmTBCr28MoCuRe) wear resistance.
Pressure is high. Applicable to any pressure level. Use in conjunction with the outer lining tight, using a special process to form a connection between the composite layer solution to ensure the reliability of operation, has good resistance to mechanical shock, thermal shock resistance, easy installation and connection, any cutting, welding.
Rare earth alloy wear-resistant under the same conditions as compared with the high manganese steel materials, the unit is a high-manganese steel wear about 1/3, life is more than three times as high manganese steel. Bends and branches seamless steel pipe segment with supporting the use, manufacture applicable irregular pipelines, cutting, welding easy maintenance.
Key performance indicators:
  • Grade: ZG40CrNiMoMnSiRe
  • Hardness: HRC≥40
  • Impact toughness: αk≥14J / c㎡
  • Tensile strength: σb≥700MPa
  • Thermal power plant coal transportation systems, dry ash conveying pipe
  • Stone in the coal power plant systems
  • Other powder pneumatic conveying system
  • Hydraulic transmission systems and larger particle size slag slurry transportation
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