Rare Earth Wear Resistant alloy Elbow

The late eighty`s, American technology of rare eath wear resistant steel was introduced into our country.
The relevant experts researched and made many experiments. The rare-earth wear-resistant steel had occupied the main position.Rare-earth wear-resistant steel is based on 40 steel. Cr, Ni, Si, Mo, Mn, Re elements are mixed in 40 steel forming low which carbon content is 0.35~ 0.45%.
Experienced long-term production making and many failures, we summed up a reasonable science and new experience. A certain amount of rare earth element is added into steel can improve the quality of alloy steel and can fining grains also can form a protective film on surface. A certain amount of Mo is added, the alloy under certain temperature and certain antioxidant effect, increase the service life.A certain amount of boron carbide is added, hardness can be controlled in the range HRC45 ~ 65. At the same time solve the contradictions between the hardness and weldability of wear resistant steel. Rare-earth wear-resistant steel has high wear resistance, it is superior to other wear-resistant materials.
Our company developed a new type high strength rare earth alloy series products. The material overcomes cold, heat, crack, fragile, deformation etc problems. It is high strength, good toughness, corrosion resistance, good welding performance, long service life. It`s service life is three times of high manganese steel. Bend and branch can be mating used with seamless steel tube.It is convenient to install and maintain.
Main performance:
Impact toughness:≥14J/cm2
Strength of extension:≥700MPa
High strength low alloy rare earth heat-resistant, wear-resistant steel pipe suitable for coal powder and ash slag discharge pipe in the boiler system of thermal power plant.
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