EN 10305-4 Tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic power systems

Tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic power systems
EN 10305-4 tubes are used to manufacture hydraulic and pneumatic power systems of the I generation and they are also used in the of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. They are manufactured as cold drawn tubes. They are provided in the +N delivery condition (normalized in a controlled atmosphere).

Chemical composition
Steel grade % of mass
Symbol C max. Si max. Mn max. P max S max Al total. Max
0,10 0,05 0,70 0,025 0,015 0,025
0,17 0,35 1,20 0,025 0,015
0,22 0,55 1,60 0,025 0,015
Mechanical properties in room temperature
Steel grade Yield limit ReH Min. MPa Tensile strength Rm Min MPa Elongation A Min %
E215 215 290 to 430 30
E235 235 235 to 480 25
E355 355 490 to 630 22
Inspection and test list
Inspection and test type Inspection and test frequency
Internal tests Acceptance tests
Chemical analysis M M
Tensile testing M One pipe per every tested batch
Flattening test or expansion test M 2 per every tested batch
Dimension verification M M
Visual inspection M M