Seamless Steel Tube for Bearings

Our bearing steel have excellent high performance and good cutting performance after ball annealing.

Main Standards for Bearing Steel tube
Ball Bearings
Ball Bearings
  • A295: wearable high-carbon bearing steel tube
  • ASTM A534: wearable and cementite bearing seamless steel tube
  • : high-carbon chromium bearing seamless steel tube
  • DIN 17230: ball bearing
  • NF A 35-565: steel product, quality of bearing steel
  • Steel Grades of Bearing Steel Tube GCr15 (52100, SUJ2, SUJ3, 100Cr6, SKF3, SKF3S), 20CrNiMo (8620H, 4118H).

Introduction Bearing steel pipe is a sort of hot-rolled or cold-rolled (cold-drawn) seamless steel tube. Salvaging used for producing general antifriction bearing ferrule. The side diameter is 25 mm to 180 mm along with the thickness is between3.5 to twenty mm. we mainly provide general precision and high precision bearing .

It withstands great pressure and friction force, so bearing steel pipe own high and uniform hardness and abrasive resistance and elastic max. There are strict requirements for bearing pipe, particularly the uniformity of chemical composition, non-metallic inclusion content and distribution, distribution of carbides and other requirements.
Applications of Bearing Steel Tube Bearing steel pipe can supply for producing kinds of bearing ferules, rollers and steel balls applied in combustion engine, electric motor car, automobile, tractor, lathe, rolling machine, drilling machine, mining machinery, general machinery, as well as high-speed rotated mechanical transmission keeping.
Advantages of Bearing Steel Tube

Bearing steel tube adopts foreign advanced bearing tube annealing technology to control atmosphere protection, temperature and cooling swiftness. Vacuum seal and nitrogen protection will always make our bearing steel tubes can end oxidized and deform an annealing. Similar to control the temperature conveniently and widely. The whole process is under video monitoring.

Our bearing steel tubes have excellent high performance and good cutting performance after ball annealing. After quenching and tempering, they acquire high and uniform hardness, high wear resistance and contact fatigue strength, and high thermal processing performance.

Bearing steel is used to make ball, roller and bearing rings of steel. Bearings work under immense pressure and friction, it requires a high and uniform bearing steel hardness and wear resistance, and a high elastic limit. Bearing steel chemical composition uniformity, non-metallic inclusion content and distribution, the distribution of carbides and other requirements are very stringent requirements of all steel production in one of the most demanding steel grades.

Bearing steel has a high smelting quality requirements, meanwhile, and requires strict control of sulfur, phosphorus, hydrogen content, and non-metallic inclusions and carbides of the number, size and distribution, non-metallic inclusions and carbides as the number, size and distribution service life of the bearing steel great influence, often bearing failure is in large carbide inclusions or micro-cracks generated around the extension to.

Inclusions content and oxygen content in steel is closely related to the higher oxygen content, the more the number of inclusions, the shorter life expectancy.

And carbide inclusions larger particle size, more uniform distribution, the shorter the service life, and their size , distribution and use of the smelting process and the smelting quality is closely related to, now bearing steel production as well as the main process is the continuous casting EAF + ESR smelting process, as well as a small amount of vacuum induction vacuum arc double vacuum or + repeatedly vacuum consumable and other technology to improve the quality of bearing steel.

Since the bearing should have a long life, high precision, low heat, high speed, high rigidity, low noise, high wear resistance and other characteristics, thus requiring the bearing pipe should have: high hardness, uniform hardness, high elastic limit, high contact fatigue strength, must toughness, hardenability must be in atmospheric corrosion resistance of the lubricant. To achieve these performance requirements, the chemical composition of steel bearings homogeneity, non-metallic inclusion content and type, size and distribution of carbides, decarburization demanding. Overall bearing steel to high-quality, high performance and multi-species direction. Bearing steel according to characteristics and application environments are divided into: high carbon chromium bearing steel, carburizing bearing steel, high temperature bearing steel, stainless steel and special bearing special bearing materials. To meet the high-temperature, high-speed, high load, corrosion, anti-radiation requirements, need to develop a series of special performance of the new bearing steel. In order to reduce the oxygen content of bearing steel, the development of vacuum smelting, electroslag remelting, electron beam remelting bearing steel smelting technology.

1. 52100 main features and application
ASTM A295 52100 is a kind of high-carbon chromium bearing steel. It has good synthesis performance.Quenching and tempering will make 52100 steel high and even hardness, and excellent abrasive resistance and fatigue strength. Good hot workability,after spheroidizing annealing, 52100 has good machinability, sensitive to white dot.
ASTM A295 52100 is mainly used to manufacture internal-combustion engine,electric locomotive,machine tool,tractor,steel rolling equipment,driller,steel balls,roller,and axle sleeve of rail truck, mining machine spiale.
2. The equal material of ASTM A295 52100 in different standard.



ΓOCT 801


JIS G4805

DIN 17230

NF A35-565






 100Cr 6

100Cr 6

 ASTM A295 52100 chemical composition by %:
















Ni+Cu≤ 0.5

 ASTM A295 52100 mechanical property and delivery condition:



Delivery  Condition

Anneal (soften or spheroidizing ) hardness  HBW

Hot rolled bar


Hot rolled,hot rolled soften annealing,hot rolled spheroidizing annealing,hot rolled spheroidizing annealing skin,hot rolled soften annealing skin.


Forging bar

Cold drawn bar

Cold drawn or burnishing

Hot rolled tube/pipe

Hot rolled,hot rolled annealing burnishing

Cold drawn tube/pipe

Cold drawn

Steel  wire rod

Hot rolled or spheroidizing annealing



Quenching HRC≥62



Rm :590-760MPa

Phosphorus cold drawn

Rm :≤ 850MPa

Cold drawn,burnishing

Hot rolled or Forging bar,cold drawn bar and wire

Hot rolled,cold drawn,annealing

HBW 179-207



1,Mainly used for manufacturing ordinary rolling bearing ring.

2,other applications such as used for automotive industry and bearings in rotating machinery.

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