Bright annealing tube

under a reducing atmosphere or in a vacuum protection, after high temperature solid melting and rapid cooling to get the , requiring the inner surface has a very good surface roughness and cleanliness, is a comprehensive consideration of organizational stability corrosion resistance and workability of the pipe.

Bright annealed tube inner surface roughness Ra values ​​and their own cleanliness is extremely demanding, so the particles can occur during transport and accumulation of fluid retention has been effectively curbed. In addition, the chemical composition of the pipe and the base material dimensional tolerances need to be strictly controlled to ensure the weldability of steel and the welding quality in the welding fumes, which can reduce the occurrence of particle generation and improving the corrosion resistance of welded parts, and smoothness.

Bright annealing tube production control:
  1. Smelting raw materials must have good control, the level required to meet the microstructure times better level.
  2. Cold rolling volume control and reasonable within the organization in order to avoid defects.
  3. Mold control, to ensure the inner and outer surface roughness R a ≤ 0.3μm.
  4. Bright annealing control to ensure reasonable mechanical properties and surface brightness, and eliminate the pass mechanical polishing (MP), to ensure the smoothness of the inner surface under microscopic state, to avoid transmission fluid residues.
  5. Cleaning the control surfaces should have the products delivered better cleanliness and cleanliness, with metallic colors, no oil adhesion, oxide adhesion.
  6. Single hats loss prevention bagging, overall braid or wooden packaging.

The material of the stainless steel round bar is from Jiuli and Baosteel China, we control the quality from the very start. We polished three times to make sure the surface is perfect bright and smooth, and without any deficiency in quality. We have precision equipment to test according to the standard required and PMI test to check the material before delivery.