Type of Butt Weld Pipe Fittings

Fittings are applied to connect two ends together, to change direction or size of the pipes. There are many different types and shapes on the market.

We manufacture finest quality of butt weld pipe fittings to meet diverse material specification. Our steel butt weld pipe fittings are extremely durable and are available in various shape such as bent,triangular, rectangular etc. Butt weld pipe fittings are ideal multiple connection of pipes and to prevent fluid leakage. Different types of fittings can minimize potential fluid handling system and enhances their over all performance.
There are different parameters to be considered before purchasing and that is the size of the pipe fittings in diameter, thickness of the wall to be according to the pressure in the pipes, materials, shape and many others.

Pipe elbows
A is also typically a sharp 90 degrees and often is a separate piece.

Steel elbow is used to be installed between two lengths of pipe or tube allowing a change of direction,usually these carbon steel elbows distinguished by connection ends.

Pipe bending
pipe bending
pipe bending

Pipe bend can be made of variety materials,like carbon steel,alloy steel,stainless steel,low temperature steel or high performance steel,etc.

Pipe Tees

pipe tees, Tee fittings manufacturerWe can provide tees and welding tube tees, which can also be divided into straight tees and reducing tees.Usually, the pipe tees have the same inlet and oulet sizes.
+ Reducing tee + Equal tees

Pipe cross

pipe cross A pipe fitting, having four openings in the same place, at right angles to each other. A pipe cross is a kind of pipe fitting. It is used in the place where four pipes meet together. The pipe cross may have one inlet and three outlets, or there inlets and one outlet.

End caps
Large size cap
Large size caps manufactured using superior grade raw materials.

End Cap, Cap fittings End Cap, Carbon Steel cap, Stainless Steel Caps, ANSI, ISO, JIS and Standards, Measures 1/2 to 56 Inches.
Based on different materials, include carbon steel cap, stainless steel cap, and alloy steel cap etc.

Pipe reducer

Reducer, Pipe reducerPipe reducer are tube fittings that are widely used in a number of industries in order to providing greatest connection flexibility in connecting fractional tubes in various installations.

Stub end

Stub endStub Ends are fittings used in place of welded flanges where rotating back up flanges are desired. They are also called Lap Joints and Vanstone Flared Laps. A rotating back up flange seats itself against the back surface of the Stub End.

Coupling Fittings

Coupling fittingsCoupling fittings are used for fluid conduits in which each end portion of two tubes to be connected is provided with a swaged-on adapter carrying the necessary means to connect or disconnect the tubes without disturbing the swaged-on adapter.

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