Hot-dip galvanizing pipe

Galvanized Steel Pipe

Hot-dip galvanizing (HDG), as referenced is the process of dipping fabricated steel into a kettle or vat of molten zinc. While the steel is in the kettle, the iron metallurgically reacts with the molten zinc to form a tightly-bonded alloy coating that provides superior corrosion protection to the steel.

ERW Galvanized Steel Pipe

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Pre-galvanized steel pipe

We can produce and supply to you various according to international standard.
Production standard:
GB/T 3091-2001, BS1387 / 1995(UK),BS4568:1970,DIN 2440/2448, ASTM A53

Galvanized mild steel pipe

Hot-dip galvanizing pipe is made of rust corrosion measures are not taken welding (welding furnaces, welding) pipe, seamless steel pipe or other metal clarinet, a certain process of hot-dip galvanizing, zinc coating to make it fit the outer coating, played long steel does not rust after processing.

Difference between galvanized pipe and seamless pipe

Galvanized pipe is protected by zinc, so it is not easy to rust, is lighter than seamless steel pipe, if it is used in the balcony, the best light with galvanized pipe

Which difference betweem astm a53 and astm a106

The difference between ASTM A53 pipe vs A106 Pipe in spec scope, pipe chemical composition, mechanical properties (tensile & yield strength etc), pipe type.

Galvanized pipe process characteristics

Zinc sulfate biggest advantage is the current efficiency of up to 100%, the deposition rate, which is the other galvanizing process unparalleled.