ERW Galvanized Steel Pipe

Steel Pipes manufacturers and Exports huge range of ERW Galvanized Steel Tubes & Steel Pipes.

For pipes or tubes size 4 inch (10.2mm) OD and below, strip is fed into a set of forming rolls which consists of horizontal and vertical rollers so placed as to gradually from the flat strip in to a tube which is then allowed to pass the welding electrodes.

The electrodes are copper disks connected to the secondary of a revolving transformer assembly. The copper disk electrodes make contact on each side of the seam and temperature is raised to the welding point. Outside flash is removed by a cutting tool as the tube leaves the electrodes, inside flash is removed either by an air hammer or by passing a mandnel through the welded tube after the tube has been cooled. This is termed as Electric Resistance Welded or ERW tube/pipe.

1. Outside Diameter : ±0.8%
2. Quality below 168.3mm : 0.50 mm
3. Quality including 168.3mm and above : 1.0mm
4. Thickness : ±10%
5. Weight Kg/Mtr: Single Tube : ±10%
For Truck Load of Tonnes : ± 7.5%
Mill Test Certificate: EN 10204/3.1B
Third party inspection: SGS, BV, Lloyds etc.