Saddle previously

Saddle previously is the ventilation ducts ‘crotch tee’, its shaped like pants, there Equal and unequal diameter, the formal name is “tube tapered pants tee.”

There is no standard size, to be based on three tube spacing center line of the front and graphic design draw graphics, Lofting produced, lofting a certain degree of difficulty.

We are manufacturer of Saddle previously and supply high quality Saddle previously in both large and small quantities worldwide & offer you the best prices in the market.

Size range: 1/2 to 72 inches

Sheet metal is engaging, steel welding.

Industrial Processes

Sweepolet Saddle, Steel Saddle, Carbon Steel Saddle, Stainless Steel Saddle, Alloy Steel Saddle

Applications of saddle previously:

Saddle previously is to replace the existing tee fitting, the use of flexibility, praised by domestic and foreign markets.

Saddle previously DIN 2618 demention:

saddle- previously-DIN 261
Saddle previously DIN2618

Sunny steel are ofessional of St35.8I saddle, butt welded saddle manufacturers. Specialize in manufacturing DIN 2618 saddle previously in China.

Advantage Comparing With Tee:

1.Sweepolet Saddle can overcome the defeats in the process of making tee without weak point.
2. Sealed better and easy to be installed, it won’t affect main pipeline.
3. Sweepolet Saddle use less material than tee, so it has a more competitive price.

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