Reducing Flanges

What is an Expander Flange?

is a where the nominal size of the non-flanged end is larger than the nominal size of the flanged end. They can be used to change the size of a pipe run. These are usually used to increase the line size to the first or second larger size. This is an alternative to using a separate reducer and weld neck flange combination. The can be used to connect pipe to pumps, compressors and Valves.

Expander flanges are also known as a cost effective alternative to using a separate reducer-welding neck flange combination. The expander flange is available in a range of sizes and materials.

It’s compact size saves space when compared to a reducer-welding neck flange

Only one butt-weld is needed to install the Expander Flange Very cost effective and competitively priced.
Full range of sizes available

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  • Blind Flanges, BL Flange, BLRF
    The blind flange is used to close ends of piping systems.

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