American standard

Data from American standards, covering selected ASTM and UNS/SAE/AISI/ASTM standards are included. While these are only a selection of American standards in the field of steel products, the extent of their inclusion and relevance to this site will be reviewed periodically.


Boilers,Super heater tubes
Heat Exchanger and condenser tubes
Mechanical Tubing
Steel castings
Steel pipes
Steel Plates and Strips
Steel Wire
Structural Tubing
Welded fittings

DEX system for AISI and SAE

The American Standard designations as per AISI or SAE reveal the basic composition of a given steel grade. The following is a key to the system classification employed by American Iron and Steel Institute and Society of Automotive Engineers.
The first digit of the designation indicates the steel group
1 meaning unalloyed steel
2 nickel steel
3 nickel-chromium steel
The second digit indicates the approximate percentage of the mean carbon content multiplied by 100.

AISI 1055 = Unalloyed Steel with 0.55% Carbon
AISI 2345 = Nickel Steel with approximately 3% Nickel and 0.45% Carbon
AISI 4042 = Molybdenum Steel with 0.42% Carbon
For higher alloyed steels ie. Stainless, heat resisting and other austentic steels this system has been abandoned.
1. Carbon, Manganese and Nickel Steels
2. Chromium, Chromium-Molybdenum and Chromium-Vanadium Steels
3. Nickel-Chromium and Molybdenum Steels
4. Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum Steels
5. Non-re sulferized Carbon Steels
6. Silicon-Manganese Steel, resulfurized and rephosphorized Carbon Steels
7. Other Steels

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