Ceramic Lined Reducer Pipe

Pipe is integrally fired ceramic tube , with a special molded ceramic filler pouring inside the pipe reducer assembled.
Adjustable ceramic tube affixed to the alumina content of not less than 95%. 200T dry pressure forming , sintering temperature up to 1670 celsius degree. Has a strong high-pressure high-temperature capabilities !

Performance advantages
Ceramic layer Al2O3 content greater than 95% , micro-hardness HV1000-1500, which has a high abrasion resistance, wear resistance than ten times higher than carbon steel after quenching , superior tungsten carbide drill.
Ceramic materials are neutral , chemically stable , has excellent corrosion resistance and acid resistance , resistant to various inorganic acids, organic acids , organic solvents , and its degree of corrosion of stainless steel is more than ten times.
Temperature above 2000 celsius degree, long-term work in the range of -50celsius degree – 900 celsius degree.
Easy welding
Ceramic adjustable tube can be welded , flanged , flexible connectors and other fast way links , very easy to install.
Clean and easy maintenance
Smooth wall, can prevent scaling , fouling, self-cleaning function. Tightness.