are method of connecting pipes, valves, pumps and other equipment to form a piping system.

The blind flange is used to close ends of piping systems.
A figure-8 blank (also called a Spectacle Blind Flange) is+ a pressure-retaining plate with one solid end and one open end connected with a web or tie bar.
The lap joint flange is practically identical to a slip-on flange except it has a radius at the intersection of the bore and flange face.
Orifice flanges are used instead of the standard pipe flanges when orifice plate or flow nozzle is used.
A reducing flange consists of a flange with one specified diameter having a bore of a different and smaller, diameter.
Ring Type Joint Flange is a method of ensuring leak proof flange connection at high pressures.
The NW Long Weld Neck Flanges is normally referred to as the high hub flange.
The Slip-on flange has a low hub because the pipe slips into the flange prior to welding.
Threaded (Screwed) flange is similar to the Slip-On flange, but the bore is threaded.
The Welding neck flanges is normally referred to as the high hub flange.

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Forged steel flanges

Forged are defined as a plate type device, normally round, that is attached to the end of a pipe, fitting,

AWWA standard flanges

We supply AWWA standard flanges as following standards, pressures, sizes and types…

ANSI standard flanges

ANSI-approved flanges are used for the industrial market which handles gas, air and steam process systems.

Abrasion resistant pipe with flange

Abrasion resistant pipe applied in coal-fired power plant ash and slag discharge tube, powder, powder tube, desulfurization pipeline,in addition also widely used in the following industries:

  • After Analyses and research, it was thought that the main facts which affect drilling pipe abrasion resistant ring failure were abrasive property of formations, selection of high-abrasive material, and wielding technique.
  • Mining coal industry, coal, coal mines, washing filling, coal mine,
  • Metal mine ore tailings transport, and wear-resistant elbow,
  • Metallurgy furnace of steel, coal, iron pipe; such loss CAO, zinc Bei sand conveying pipeline steel, alloy , the secondary refining etc; the selection of wear-resisting elbow.

An abrasion Resistant pipe Bend has to meet certain requirements.
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Key Specifications/Special Features of Flange

ANSI Flange Standards

The American National Standard Institute, ANSI, has been overseeing guidelines and standards for products manufactured through several sectors.

Flange materials acc. to ASTM

Dimensions from carbon steel and stainless steel flanges are defined in the ASME B16.5 standard. The material qualities for these flanges are defined in the ASTM standards.

Measure the size of a flange

At some point, with all the possibilities of thread form, diameter, and pitch, you need to send it off to SK Grimes or another machinist.

AWWA and Plate Steel Flanges General Information

American Water Works Association (AWWA) is an international non-profit, scientific and educational association founded to improve water quality and supply.

Flange types

As already described before, the most used flange types acc. to ASME B16.5 are: Welding Neck flange, Slip On flange, Socket Weld flange, , and .

Flanges Manufacturing Process
Understanding customers requirement and ensuring to supply as per these requirements is realised with the help of quality assurance at Sunny Steel one of the best Flange Manufacturers in China, our product range include all types of flanges such as MS Flange ( Mild Steel ) , Raised face flange , , Bellow Flange , and Flanges according to custom requirement.

Flange Materials Specification

The usual materials of flanges include stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and plastic. The choice of the material largely depends on the purpose of the flange.
Flange Face Surface Finish

Pipe Fitting End Beveling

In the behavior, we make beveling after shot blasting, bevel ends are fully machined by advanced equipment Double Beveling Machine ensure the height, length, thickness,

Dimensions from steel flanges

The Packing Works for Steel Flanges

Steel flanges must be packed with seaworthy packing method then delivery to customers, usually the packing way include wooden box, wooden pallet, iron & steel cage, iron & steel pallet etc.

ASTM Materials

ASTM A105 = This specification covers standards for forged carbon steel piping components, that is, flanges, fittings, Valves, and similar parts, for use in pressure systems at ambient and higher-temperature service conditions.
ASTM A182 = This specification covers forged or rolled alloy and stainless steel pipe flanges, forged fittings, and Valves and parts for high-temperature service.
ASTM A350 = This specification covers several grades of carbon and low alloy steel forged or ring-rolled flanges, forged fittings and Valves for low-temperature service.