Properties of the Ceramic-lined Steel Composite Pipes

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Ceramic (Corundum: a-Al2O3) lined resistant straight pipe and fittings are lined with highly resistant ceramic by ——-Self-propagating High-temperature Synthetic process.

Mechanical Propertie:


Microstructure of ceramic layer

Hoop Strength:
Hoop strength is the resistance against radial pressure. The strength of the ceramic -lined steel composite pipe is 300 to 500MPa.

Compression-Shear Strength:
Compression-shear strength is the bonding strength at the interface between the ceramic layer and the steel pipe. The compression-shear strength of the ceramic-lined composite pipe is 15 to 20MPa.

Resistance to thermal shock

Resistance to Mechanical Shock
The ceramic layer does not crack or flake off when the composite pipe receives a mechanical shock.

Resistance to Thermal Shock
The ceramic layer does not crack or flake off when heated to 800℃ and then quenched.

Resistance to Abrasion:
The ceramic-lined steel composite pipe has exceptional resistance to abrasion. Its service life in materials transportation with hard abrasives is more than 20 times longer than in common steel pipe.

Good Weld Ability
The ceramic-lined steel composite pipe can be joined by welding the steel pipe layer.

Light Weight
The ceramic-lined steel composite pipes are lighter than alloy pipes, cast iron pipes, and cast stone pipes, which reduces the expense of transportation and makes the pipes easier to install.

Convenient Installation

The ceramic-lined steel composite pipes can be easily connected by welding, or with flanges and soft easy connectors.

The composite pipes have good corrosion-resistant. There is no evidence of corrosion filling the composite pipes with bitter for one year (left), but the common steel pipe under the same condition is corroded seriously (right).

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